The Woman In Yellow

While walking along the banks of the famous Hoàn Kiếm Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam, you cannot miss the Temple Of The Jade Mountain which resides on an islet in the lake. The bridge that connects the main land to this islet is the Welcoming Morning Sunlight Bridge (Cầu Thê Húc) bridge. The bridge, a wooden brightly coloured red one, forms a very picturesque backdrop from any photography enthusiast.

The evening we were there, this lovely lady was playing model to a professional photographer. Her graceful pose and innocent expression caught my eye. I couldn’t help but take a quick candid click. Although the original image was a quite good, I decided to make her presence in the composition a tad more compelling with some Photoshop magic. Using the quick select tool and manipulating layers, I was able to give the Woman In Yellow a worthy composition.

The Woman In Yellow

This image is part of the RainBow Series


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