#Take52 Week 15: Endless

For this week’s theme I was determined to use images from a recent photo walk. Since weekdays are dominated by the usual 9 to 5 (6 in my case) routine, I set out on Saturday for some photography walking in the city.

Orchard Road in Singapore is one of the most bustling spots in the entire city. There are hordes of people walking around the retail mecca admiring the sight of big brands such as Armani, Gucci, Abercrombie & Fitch, Chanel and Prada. It is also the perfect spot for budding photographers to sharpen their skill. Street photography doesn’t get any more interesting than when you’re at orchard Road. So head to Orchard Road I did.

Most street photographers advise that the best way to get great street photos is to pick a spot and wait. Be patient and your composition will take shape. I decided to pick a traffic light as my spot and kept taking images with the camera.

I ended up taking around 300+ images in a span of 2 hours. A huge chunk of them didn’t turn out as I’d hoped but there were a few that did pass muster and made it to the Lightroom (Virtual) editing table. This one is obviously one of them 🙂

Endless Sea Of Faces
Fujifilm X-E2 | XC50-230F4.5-6.7 OIS | 1/180 | f/5.4 | ISO 400 | 95.4mm

This one image that came out a tad better than the rest fit well with the theme of the week – Endless. Hundreds of people waiting to cross over to the other side at the traffic light. I feel it aptly resonates the vibrancy and bustling nature of Orchard. The ‘endless’ sea of faces  and people is how I envision Orchard at any time of day.

The decision to stick with Black & White as opposed to colour, was a conscious one. I personally feel that using monochrome forces you to focus on the shapes, patterns and elements of your composition. And let’s face it, street photos look so much cooler when rendered in monochrome.

So there you have it, my weekly submission for the #Take52 photography challenge.


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