The Orange Partner

And after a looooong hiatus, I am back with an update to the photo-blog. This time catching up on the pet project, The Rainbow Series.

So far, I’ve covered Red, Yellow and Blue. And now I give you Orange. This particular shot was taken way back in October 2015. Editing took place sometime later in the year and since then it’s been waiting for me to pen the post for publication.

I took this shot during my maiden trip to the world famous Bondi beach. Apart from the many other picturesque shots I was privileged to take, this one stood out for the simplicity of the composition. This couple was staring out into the ocean peacefully, almost standing still while doing so.

Personally I love the fact that this couple just stood so still and that too with the perfect back drop. Every photographer’s ideal subject!


Until next time!


#Take52 Week 37: Run

Okay so this week’s interpretation is a tad lazy. I didn’t even move from my study to get this one. Well just a little bit for the setup.

I have this wooden mannequin model that I use to help with my sketching practice. This model helps me visualise different human interactions and actions to better visualise humans when sketching at home.

So I figured that if the mannequin (I call him Woody!) can work for sketching, why not for photography. So I decided to make the needed adjustments to make it seem that Woody was running.

Placed in an IKEA Drona box allowed me to have a pitch b lack background for the shoot. Shot in RAW and then made small adjustments for the contrast, Blacks and Highlights to get the final image. Actually also ended up applying a ton of noise reduction since I had to shoot with high ISO. The end result isn’t all that bad.

Fujifilm X E2 | X18-55mm 2.8-4 R LM OIS | f/4.0 | 1/250 | ISO 4000 | 55mm

#Take52 Week 32: Perspective

As some of you know (well those who read my blogs), apart from the #Take52 Weekly photography challenge I am also working on a daily photography challenge on my Instagram feed under the hashtag #AG365in2015. And since it’s Instagram, the challenge is executed using only my handphone, i.e. the iPhone 6Plus.

The Instagram challenge was something I had planned on doing since 2013. Ever since I saw the hashtag #365PhotoChallenge images I was bitten by the daily challenge bug. So when I set out to list of challenges I wanted to accomplish this year, I decided to include the daily challenge as well.

The daily challenge has helped me become more aware of my surroundings and perceive mundane objects and street scenes with a unique perspective. Lot of the images in the feed are everyday objects or places with a little filter magic in a square frame.

If there’s anything I’ve learned this year it’s that my handphone is a great camera when I’m not carrying the dedicated photography equipment. I’ve enjoyed my previous smartphones (ALL HTCs! All six of them!). But the images that I have been taking with the iPhone are simply put, stellar in comparison. And the fact that each image is taken with almost complete automatic settings, it is indeed a commendable feat for a camera phone.

This shot is taken on September 4, 2015 and is of the Australian Federal Police building and Travelodge hotel at Alberta Street in Sydney. Something about the way the two structures seem to face off each other caught my eye and I decided to capture the shot.

So although this image was not shot exclusively for the weekly challenge, it seemed to fit the theme of “Perspective” rather well.

iPhone6 Plus

For those who are curious, here’s my Instagram feed.